Chen Style Taiji Quan Xinjia Yi Lu performed by G. Paterniti during a seminar in Ivrea (Italy)

Ivrea (Italy), June 6, 2015
Chen Style Taiji Quan Xinjia Yi Lu demonstration.
Master Giuseppe Paterniti is Technical Director of “Stone Temple Tao”: School of Chen Style Taijiquan and Qigong (headquartered in Treviso - Italy). As well as by ITKA, he is also certified as a Master by FIWUK (Italian Federation of Wushu Kung Fu) and CSEN-CONI (National Educational Sport Centre). He initially began studying the Yang style Taijiquan. Among the several teachers met, who enrich his practice, there is Master Yang Jun, 6th generation direct descendant of the founder of Yang Style Taiji, Yang Lu Chan. Giuseppe Paterniti had his first training in Chen Style Taijiquan with Master Gianfranco Pace (ITKA Technical Director) and, in addition, with Master Pace’s teacher: Shi Rong Hua, recognized as a descendant of the Chen family (20th generation). Gold Medalist, in July 2004, at the World Wushu Championship in Orlando - Florida (USA), G. Paterniti has continued to develop his knowledge and skills, also in China, studying and practicing with some of the most important Masters of Chen Style Taijiquan: Zhu Tiancai, Wang Xian and Chen Xiaowang. Moreover he studied Qigong with important teachers like Ma Xou Zhou, Sun Jun Qing, Liu Jianshe and other world-renowned masters.

Paterniti is recognized and certified as a Qigong teacher and Tuina practitioner by FISTQ (Italian Federation of Tuina and Qigong Schools), OTTO (Operators of Tuina-Qigong and Oriental Techniques), CSEN - CONI and ITKA (for Qigong). He is the author of the educational project "Body and Mind in Motion", presented at the University of Padua, which introduces Qigong and Taijiquan in the Primary School as a discipline to improve the conditions of children affected by problems related to hyperactivity, aggression and attention disorders.

The “Stone Temple Tao”, founded by Giuseppe Paterniti, was the first school in Veneto Region that offered a full program in Traditional Chen Style Taijiquan and Qigong. The school, nowadays, has established itself as one of the most important Italian academies. Among the many awards conquered by the School, here we mention the prestigious Cup "Best Italian School of Traditional Taijiquan" at the 5th National Championship "Chan Wu" Open (2012).

Master Paterniti’s students have won several Gold Medals in various European and World Competitions (specialties: Tui Shou and Chen Style Taijiquan Barehands and Weapons Forms) organized by different federations: WTKA; TCFE; UIKT.

In addition to many articles published in various Martial Arts magazines, Giuseppe Paterniti has produced the following instructional DVDs: "Chen Style Taijiquan - Lao Jia Yi Lu"; "Taiji Qigong and exercises for the development of spiral energy".

He currently directs courses for instructors, coaches and teachers (recognized by FIWUK, ITKA, FISTQ e CSEN/CONI) and conducts seminars in Italy and abroad.

Giuseppe Paterniti is also a popular lecturer and speaker: among his latest highly appreciated conferences, should be mentioned in particular the one that took place in Rome as part of the 3rd International Symposium on Qigong (2014, 18-20 October).

In December 2014, Master Paterniti reconfirms his Gold Medal in Chen Style Taijiquan, winning the First Place at the World Traditional Kung Fu Championship UIKT (Rome).

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