Master G. Paterniti Lupo - Xinjia Yi Lu / Er Lu Demonstration - Vicenza (Italy), April 29th, 2017

Chen Style Taiji Quan - XinJia Yi Lu / Er Lu Demonstration
Master Giuseppe Paterniti
World Taiji Quan & Qi Gong Day
Vicenza, Parco Querini, Italy, April 29th 2017
Master Giuseppe Paterniti Lupo (郎司培), Director of the School "STONE TEMPLE TAO - Traditional Oriental Arts", is a Qi Gong, Taiji Quan and Bioenergetic Methods teacher, as well as Tuina operator, recognized by FISTQ, OTTO, CSEN / CONI, ITKA and FIWUK (major Italian organizations for the recognition of professional quality).

In the 90’s he gained a unique training in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the AEMA Academy; later, he has deepened the study of Qi Gong with some of the most important Chinese masters (among them: Ma Xu Zhu, Sun Jun Qing, Liu Jianshe), Italian ones and several international experts.
5th Duan Master of Chen Style Taiji Quan, he had numerous occasions to improve in China and to positively evaluate his own work with the greatest martial art repositories Masters: Zhu Tiancai, Wang Xian and Chen Xiao Wang.
In 2004 he won the Gold Medal at the World Wushu Championship in Orlando (Florida – USA); in 2014 he proved again his title of World Champion of Traditional Chen Style Taiji Quan at the World Traditional Kung Fu Championship UIKT.
He is the author of the educational project "Body and Mind in Motion" submitted at the University of Padua: it introduces Qigong and Taiji Quan in Primary School as disciplines to improve the conditions of children affected by problems related to hyperactivity, aggressiveness and attention deficit disorders.
Member of the Scientific Committee of SICOOL (Italian Society of Counselors and Holistic Operators) and of the OTTO (Tuina-Qigong and Oriental Techniques Operators) National Commission of Qi Gong, Giuseppe Paterniti Lupo is also a Holistic Counselor (Professional, Trainer and Supervisor with European Certification) and national CSEN teacher in Wellness Counseling and Naturopathy.
Moreover, he published several texts and teaching videos.
Besides that, he leads groups for the Awakening of Consciousness (TaoLab - Truth Awakening Oneness), he often gives conferences and he runs workshops and seminars throughout Italy and abroad.
Finally, he is the Technical Director of AMHA (Alliance for Martial and Healing Arts), an international organization of schools which primary aim is the study, the practice and the free research in martial disciplines and well-being.

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